Freezing Bed Bugs with CryoniteŽ

Cryonite bed beg extermination
Bed bugs are amazing hitchhikers and can get into environments that we least expect, like hospitals, schools, retail areas, and office buildings. These nontraditional spaces have frequent bed bug introductions because the dynamic and high traffic environments. However, there is a solution for bed bug removal: Cryonite®.
Nontraditional areas can often be difficult to treat with chemical strategies, either because of the complexity of the space or the chemical sensitivity of the space. Smithereen has developed an effective bed bug program for these spaces utilizing Cryonite® technology. Cryonite® is a chemical-free, innovative, and targeted approach to bed bug elimination. The system applies super-cold CO2 gas to surfaces, cracks, and crevices. The dramatic change in temperature to below freezing kills bed bugs on contact.

In addition to utilizing Cryonite® technology, a Smithereen pest control technician will consult with your staff to develop an approach for addressing future bed bug problems, as highly trafficked areas can see recurring problems. From finding the bed bug introduction source to writing policies that will ensure that you are prepared for any reinfestation, the Smithereen technician works with you as a partner.

Advantages to choosing Cryonite®
  • Freezes bed bugs on contact
  • Kills all stages of the bed bug from egg to adult
  • No chemical exposure
  • Perfect for sensitive environments and nontraditional spaces
  • Ability to occupy the space during and immediately after treatment
Cryonite® technology is an innovative strategy to stop bed bugs in their tracks. Looking for a less intrusive, environmentally friendly and effective beg bug removal? Contact Smithereen today for more information on Cryonite® and a free estimate.

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